The instruction of Japanese Prime Minister Sinzo Abe at the 49th Ministry of Defense and Self-Defense Forces senior officials meeting (3)

I’m ready to hear your own voice from your “field”. It is my great responsibility as the commander-in-chief to propose solutions to the various problems in fields for sure.
Every personnel in a “field” are connected with me through you here. I never forget it, because the strong bond between them in a “field” and me directly leads to the safety of our nation. I believe this.

I consider that the information from fields is more important than anything else. I get reported about various information and operational status of the Self-Defense Force every week from security staffs including Chief-of-Staff. I hold the National Security Council at least twice in a month, discuss different matters and make decisions. The movement information and strategic information provided by the Ministry of Defense and the Self-Defense Forces are vital for holding summit meetings and making the best decision as the Prime Minister.

Now each your daily action is directly linked to the national profit. I would like you to recognize this fact again, keep it in mind and devote yourselves to your duties more. In addition, I hope that you will think dynamically and take action from the global point of view.

I’ve already visited 63 countries and areas. Every time at the summit meeting I almost surely talk about defense cooperation. They need highly skilled cooperation of the Self-Defense Forces and the Defense Ministry in cases of capacity building and cooperation of armament and technology.
I hope you will carry out this cooperation further. Performing such cooperation will make local areas and the world stable and lead to the perfect safety of Japan.

In the relationship of service-to-service, between the grand army of each country and the Grand Self-Defense, or the naval forces and the Maritime Self-Defense or the air forces and the Air Self-Defense, I would like you to promote not only tactical but also strategic cooperation regarding how to contribute to safety and peace in the local areas and the world. This is so to speak “strategic international defense cooperation”.

The more highly the international contribution of the Self-Defense Forces is evaluated, the more Defense cooperation with the Self-Defense Forces is needed. This is a necessary consequence. I would like you to carry out the strategic international defense cooperation dynamically regardless of the conventional idea and to play a part of our strategic diplomacy and national security policy, which I develop in a panoramic perspective of the world map. I’m eager to realize it.

There is no “final goal” in this magnificent duty. Whether we want or not, the world is changing violently. I would like you to continue making efforts with a strong sense of responsibility which beats all the difficulties and deals with an unprecedented circumstance with flexible creativity, observing the changes of time. I greatly expect you, who are senior officials in charge of the core roles for it.

Finally, I’d like to recite a lesson which I introduced here two years ago.
“Pessimism comes from our passions; optimism from the will”.
A proverb of the French philosopher, Alain.
It is always a power of “will” that finds a way out. Please keep strong “will” and conduct your missions, missions of the Self-Defense, in your fields.

I and Japanese nation are always with all 250,000 Self-Defense personnel including you. I hope you will take more diligent efforts for stability and peace of Japan, and the world.

December 16th, 2015
Sinzo Abe

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