The instruction of Japanese Prime Minister Sinzo Abe at the 49th Ministry of Defense and Self-Defense Forces senior officials meeting (3)

I’m ready to hear your own voice from your “field”. It is my great responsibility as the commander-in-chief to propose solutions to the various problems in fields for sure.
Every personnel in a “field” are connected with me through you here. I never forget it, because the strong bond between them in a “field” and me directly leads to the safety of our nation. I believe this.

I consider that the information from fields is more important than anything else. I get reported about various information and operational status of the Self-Defense Force every week from security staffs including Chief-of-Staff. I hold the National Security Council at least twice in a month, discuss different matters and make decisions. The movement information and strategic information provided by the Ministry of Defense and the Self-Defense Forces are vital for holding summit meetings and making the best decision as the Prime Minister.

Now each your daily action is directly linked to the national profit. I would like you to recognize this fact again, keep it in mind and devote yourselves to your duties more. In addition, I hope that you will think dynamically and take action from the global point of view.

I’ve already visited 63 countries and areas. Every time at the summit meeting I almost surely talk about defense cooperation. They need highly skilled cooperation of the Self-Defense Forces and the Defense Ministry in cases of capacity building and cooperation of armament and technology.
I hope you will carry out this cooperation further. Performing such cooperation will make local areas and the world stable and lead to the perfect safety of Japan.

In the relationship of service-to-service, between the grand army of each country and the Grand Self-Defense, or the naval forces and the Maritime Self-Defense or the air forces and the Air Self-Defense, I would like you to promote not only tactical but also strategic cooperation regarding how to contribute to safety and peace in the local areas and the world. This is so to speak “strategic international defense cooperation”.

The more highly the international contribution of the Self-Defense Forces is evaluated, the more Defense cooperation with the Self-Defense Forces is needed. This is a necessary consequence. I would like you to carry out the strategic international defense cooperation dynamically regardless of the conventional idea and to play a part of our strategic diplomacy and national security policy, which I develop in a panoramic perspective of the world map. I’m eager to realize it.

There is no “final goal” in this magnificent duty. Whether we want or not, the world is changing violently. I would like you to continue making efforts with a strong sense of responsibility which beats all the difficulties and deals with an unprecedented circumstance with flexible creativity, observing the changes of time. I greatly expect you, who are senior officials in charge of the core roles for it.

Finally, I’d like to recite a lesson which I introduced here two years ago.
“Pessimism comes from our passions; optimism from the will”.
A proverb of the French philosopher, Alain.
It is always a power of “will” that finds a way out. Please keep strong “will” and conduct your missions, missions of the Self-Defense, in your fields.

I and Japanese nation are always with all 250,000 Self-Defense personnel including you. I hope you will take more diligent efforts for stability and peace of Japan, and the world.

December 16th, 2015
Sinzo Abe

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Yasukuni Shrine of the 35th year living in Tokyo

Kent Gilbert
(California lawer, personality)

I have lived in Tokyo from August in 1980, and it has been over 35 years.
Before then, I had lived in Kyushu, Yamaguchi, and Okinawa 2 years and half in total, so I have lived 60% of my life in Japan.

Well, for a while, I would like you to read my boastful talk. It was 1983 when I appear on the TV quiz show “Sekai-Marugoto-HOWMUCH” of TBS, and began to work as a personality by some freak coincidence. I had already had my wife and children, but I was lionized as if I was an idol.

It happened still in my 3rd year after I had gained the lawyer qualification of California and begun to work at a major international law office.
I got good reward as a lawyer. But I liked better “nothing venture, nothing gain” than “look before you leap” so, I changed to work part-time as a lawyer after I had worked as a personality, and after 2 years, I resigned.

In my 30’s and 40’s, I lectured at lecture meetings and symposiums and visited 47 prefectures 10 years in a row.
When videotaping for P.R. of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Sewerage, I entered in large common duct. And, I have entered in all the U.S. forces’ main base in Misawa, Yokosuka, Yokota, Atsugi, Zama, Iwakuni, Sasebo, Futenma, etc. because There were too many people concerning about forces in the community of Americans residing in Japan.

I have lived in a U.S. forces base. I visited Okinawa as a temporary government official when Intern. Ocean Exposition, Okinawa, Japan, 1975 was held, and I stayed in U.S. air forces Kadena base. I think probably there are no foreign people to visit so many place all over Japan.

It was May 9th 2015 in spring to enter Yasukuni Shrine, have a look around Yushukan, and worship Syoden.
It was for the invited lecture “Okinawa returned to homeland 43rd memorial Yasukuni meeting” in Yahukuni Shrine.
The meeting was from the afternoon, so I had a look around a part of the exhibition of Yushukan with a hurried steps introduced by Seigo Matsumoto, the chief of the Yushukan exhibition section. After that, I visited Shoden with staffs and participants for the first time in my life.
The word “Repentance came too late” come to my mind. I found that I had spent mottainai time.

I often move by car, so I often use Yasukuni Street. The number of time to pass by Yahukuni Shrine for the 35 years can’t be counted. I’m always whelmed to see the big torii from Kudanshita.
However, I have never thought to enter Yasukuni Shrine. It was careless for me, although I have confidence of curiosity.

By the way, I have been to Meiji Jingu many times. I often introduce Meiji Jingu to my relatives and friends who come to Japan.
I want to introduce the places which we can’t find but in Japan all over the world, and they understand them with experience.
Of course, Japan has attractive scenery like Mt. Fuji, Hokkaido, and Okinawa. But, I want to introduce the place where they can feel this oldest history in the world, and feel the tradition and deep culture which Japanese have cultivated uniquely.
So, I have introduced Meiji Jingu and Sensouji Temple to many foreigners. I have also Introduce Kamakura and Nikko to them.

But, I have never thought of Yasukuni Shrine. I have never known about the unique historical museum called Yusyukan which tell us the fair historical fact in perfect English in this heart of Tokyo. It is the very “the darkest place is under the candlestick”. I felt that the exhibition in Yushukan had the potentialities to improve foreigner’s understanding of Japan.
A prejudice and a bias is useless for the life. Fortunately, I’m a civilian, so I can make an excuse the fact which I have never experienced to visit Yasukuni Shrine, “I have never been fated.”

However, I think it is the matter if the Japanese who have social influence like Diet member and journalist etc. have never experienced to visit Yasukuni and Yushukan.
I think it is shameful if there are the Japanese who criticize Yasukuni Shrine as “Head temple of militarism” without making sure in person.
It was great of exhibition in Yushukan to tell historical fact only without Japanophile, political classification of right wing, or left wing from the view point of American as an enemy but as Japanophile.

It was good experience to visit Shoden which I felt simplicity of Shinto. The foreigner who are very curious must be glad.
I don’t intend to admire at all, but it is common sense to treat the people who fought for the homeland and lose their life as “Heroes”.
So, it is very natural behavior which everyone in the world accept to treat the heroes’ soul as “Eirei” and comfort them with appreciation.

It is better for the people who find doubt and sense of discomfort to realize the fact which their thought are warped.
There are many Japanese who have warped thought, but we cannot shift all the responsibility to them.
Because, GHQ (General HeadQuarters) executed the program which warps Japanese thought in the occupying period. This is the fact recorded in the official document declassified.

Brainwashing program named WGIP(War・Guilt・Information・Program) implant in Japanese a sense of guilt of WWⅡ. And they tried to take away their love of their country, love of their family, a sense of justice, and a sense of moral.

Indiscriminate air raid all over Japan including Great Tokyo Air Raid, atomic bombing are intentional civilian murder. So, it is a violation of Law of War and a war crime.
They need to switch the logic to deceive the shameful fact to keep prestige of the Allies.
So, Japan who “invaded” the continent of China and islands in the Pacific Ocean was set up the absolute villain. The Allies made Japanese believe the fiction that the Allies who punish the villain was absolute justice and Japan suffered for their crime.
The people who disapprove Japan before and during the war blindly are the promoters or victims of this brainwashing program.

When living normally in Japan, we become people who believe old Japan is bad, feel sense of guilt for the love of their country, don’t understand the importance of national defense, serviceman, and national flag and anthem, cannot be proud of Japanese and affirm the selfish life.
It depends on the region, but in particular in the region where Japan Teacher’s Union have great influence, unless they have good parents, teachers, and friends, they grow up without the love of their country and the pride.

Yushukan have set of the ideal educational materials to reform them from the situation. I think Japanese should visit there from their childhood again and again when going on field trip or school trip.

WGIP controlled the information for Japanese with thorough censorship. I cannot help believing that Many TV station and newspaper office are complying the GHQ’s censorship standard called “Press Code” now that it has passed 70 years after the war.
I listed the all contents of 30 censorship standard in my latest work “Japanese who are still bounced by the brainwashing of GHQ” (PHP laboratory), so I want you to refer to that, but there are as follow concerning Yasukuni Shrine.

2. Criticism of The International Military Tribunal for the Far East
16. Publicize of advocating of the war
17. Publicize of “Shinkoku-Nippon”
18. Publicize of militarism
19. Publicize of nationalism
20. Publicize of Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere
22. Justification and defense of the war criminal

Are the mass media who cannot report fairly afraid of the contravention of above?
However, GHQ has not exist since long time ago.
If I tell the historical fact cold hearted, the president Franklin D.Roosevelt who wanted to enter the war under the consensus of the American, considered how to make Japan attack first.

A half years before of Attack on Pearl Harbor, America was going on the preparation of the war with Japan and broke all the Japanese radio code. America grasped all that Japanese attack Pearl Harbor first, the detail of combined fleet, and the time of the attack. America didn’t tell the sea force in Pearl Harbor that information.
Japan fell into the trap which Roosevelt set. The word “the attack on Pearl Harbor before a declaration of war is meanness” is a propaganda which stir up the public opinion in America.

On May 3rd 1951, MacArthur General gave evidence that “Japan started the war due to mainly the need concerning security.” in military diplomatic joint committee of upper house of United States Congress.
It meant that Greater East Asia War which Japan had started was not an aggressive war.
The people who doesn’t know the existence of the MacArthur’s evidence are an overwhelming majority.
Although it has passed 70 years after the war, the false accusation of Japan is disappearing gradually in recent year. It is my pleasure if this article help accelerating this flow.

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Speech at the opening ceremony on 7/27/2015

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming to our party today.

We invited some friendly German, and some friendly Vietnamese, who are belonging to most excellent company in their own country.
We also invited many friendly Japanese, who are belonging to leading company in Japan.
All of you are the best customers of our company.

We invited some friendly bankers who are belonging to famous major Japanese bank, so I suppose our guest’s companies are dealing with them. They are also important business partners, willingly offer growing energy to our company.

Today, all of you, I consider, meet special historical year.
It has been seventy years since World War the Second terminated. In Japan, we now stand at the political transition period.
As you know, Japan has a good relationship with the United States
for military alliance today.

But by a curious co incidence, nation of you commonly fought with the United States in the past. World War the Second, however, Japanese cabinet named it Daitoa Sensou, if you translate it in English, Great East Asia War. That name of it comes from, the war to establish Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.

So that Japan fought for the noble ideal to eliminate
racial discrimination.
After the war, despite of defeated nation Japan, the idea led
to begin racial independence movements in Asia and Africa, and let them to establish many independent nations. This means, colonies which was caused by racial discrimination, were vanished from the world. We thoughtful Japanese are proud of this historical event.

Still, for the future, we have to prevent war. One of the best ways to prevent war is to connect every country economically,
and create employment for his own country.
All companies can contribute to create employments, and companies could be able to take care of fulfill specific responsibility.

Hermes Systems has been offering you many outstanding System Engineering Services on information technology field.
This work creates employment both our country and the other countries related to the work.
I deeply understand, employment itself is the basis of world peace.

Today, we have an opening ceremony for our new office.
We deeply appreciate your continuous support for giving us orders.

We call young Geisha girls today, and their profession is offering the best OMOTENASHI entertainment with Japanese traditional performing arts. Today, Geisha girls presented you Sake here, from Niigata, famous winery is located in. Then, Let’s enjoy it together.
Thank you very much.

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[Senator HICKENLOOPER Question No.5]
Isn’t your proposal for sea and air blockade of Red China the same strategy by which Americans achieved victory over the Japanese in the Pacific?

Yes sir. In the Pacific we by-passed them. We closed in. You must understand that Japan had an enormous population of nearly 80 million people, crowded into 4 islands. It was about half a farm population. The other half was engaged in industry.

Potentially the labor pool in Japan, both in quantity and quality, is as good as anything that I have ever known. Some place down the line they have discovered what you might call the dignity of labor, that men are happier when they are working and constructing than when they are idling.

This enormous capacity for work meant that they had to have something to work on. They built the factories, they had the labor, but they didn’t have the basic materials.

There is practically nothing indigenous to Japan except the silk worm. They lack cotton, they lack wool, they lack petroleum products, they lack tin, they lack rubber, they lack a great many other things, all of which was in the Asiatic basin.

They feared that if those supplies were cut off, there would be 10 to 12 million people unoccupied in Japan. Their purpose, therefore, in going to war was largely dictated by security.

The raw materials―those countries which furnished raw materials for their manufacture―each countries as Malaya, Indonesia, the Philippines, and so on―they, with the advantage of preparedness and surprise, seized all those bases, and their general strategic concept was to hold those outlying bastions, the islands of the Pacific, so that we would bleed ourselves white in trying to reconquer them, and that the losses would be so tremendous that we would ultimately acquiesce in a treaty which would allow them to control the basic products of the places they had captured.

In meeting that, we evolved an entirely new strategy. They held certain bastion points, and what we did was to evade those points, and go around them.

We came in behind them, and we crept up and crept up, and crept up, always approaching the lanes of communication which led from those countries, conquered countries, to Japan.

By the time we had seized the Philippines, and Okinawa, we were enabled to lay down a sea and Navy blockade so that the supplies for the maintenance of the Japanese armed forces ceased to reach Japan.

The minute we applied that blockade, the defeat of Japan was a certainty.

The ultimate result was that when Japan surrendered, they had at least 3,000,000 of as fine ground troops as I have ever known, that laid down their arms because they didn’t have the materials to fight with, and they didn’t have the potential to gather them at the points of importance where we would attack. We hit them where they weren’t; and, as a result, that magnificent army of theirs, very wisely surrendered.

The ground forces that were available in the Pacific were probably at no time more than one-third of the ground forces that Japan had available; but, as I say, when we blockaded that way, when we disrupted their entire economic system, they could not supply the sinews to their troops that were necessary to keep them in active combat and, therefore, they surrendered.


Now, the problem with China is quite similar, only China has not got anything like the resource the Japanese Empire had.

It would be easier to blockade them. A blockade along their coasts would be very simple problem if all the nations of the United Nations joined in.

The only other way in which China can get logistical support is from the Soviet. As I explained this morning, that railroad that runs from the great industrial centers of Russia, which are in European Russia, is already strained to the utmost to maintain the garrisons they have there now; to place them in a position―the increase of traffic that would be necessary to place them as a predatory expeditionary army would be too great.

There is a very definite limit to what they can give to Communist China. That, in my opinion, is why Communist China does not turn up with an adequate air force and an adequate navy. She can’t build it herself, and the Soviet can’t get it out to her.

It is for that reason that, in my own professional opinion, Communist China, its power to wage modern war, has been tremendously exaggerated: and I believe when we place the pressure, the blockade pressure, and the disruptive pressure of the air, on its distributive systems, that she would be forced to yield within a reasonable period of time.

You must understand that in China itself, they have the greatest difficulty in merely supplying their present civil population. I don’t suppose there is a year in China that from 5 to 10 million people don’t die either of starvation or of the results of malnutrition. It is an economy of poverty, and the minute you disrupt it, you will turn great segments of its population into disorder and discontent, and the internal strains would help to blow up her potential for war.

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Remarks of LtGen Lawrence Snowden, USMC(Ret) 4th Marine Division-Iwo Jima-1945 Chairman Emeritus-Iwo Jima Association of America 70th Annual “Reunion of Honor” on Iwo Jima 21 March 2015

When I first stood on this island in February 1945, our two nations were at war with each other and the environment was characterized by devastation, destruction and death and three colors to be seen—black, gray, and red. All greenery had been blown away by the various weapons of war. The red color came from the blood of American and Japanese military men who had been wounded or killed in the vicious fighting.

Today as I stand here in March, 2015, the island is green, the atmosphere of hatred has changed to friendship, war has been displaced by understanding and friendship and our two Nations are bound together in a bi-lateral relationship that is the strongest in the world today. Madam Kuribayashi was precisely right when she proclaimed in 1995 that we enemies had become friend. Her words have set the tone for each of our reunions since that time.

Time is said to be the great healer and time has allowed physical wounds to heal but healing has left deep scars for many of the survivors and left deep emotional scars on the families of those who died here. Some scars are physical, some are mental but all are reminders that the vicious warfare that took place on this island claimed the lives of thousands on both sides and it is those men we honor today and will honor forever.

On both sides we lost young men who had the potential to do so much for their countries in a peaceful world. Their families back home suffered grief that is an inevitable part of warfare. Our prayers are that the souls of those who died here and resting in peace and their families are remembering the good times they shared.

 As we stand together to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of our Joint Reunion of Honor we also stand together in opposition to international terrorism which threatens our citizens round the world and seeks to do major damage in our homelands. The solution to the international terrorism problem will not be solved by military action alone but require our joint economic and international political programs to insure the security of our two Nations.

Our Annual Joint Reunion of Honor Program here on island has been a consistent success over twenty years because of many on both sides who wanted to be sure that we would continue to honor those who gave their lives here. I wish to thank Ambassador Sasae and his Embassy Staff for their encouragement and support, the Self Defense Force or their participation, the Foreign Ministry for so much cooperation, and senior officials of the Japanese Government along with the Diet Members who have attended this event. All of this support demonstrates the depth of our friendship and I thank you.

It is my hope that these Joint Reunions of Honor will continue long into the future, not just because we want to continue to honor those who died here but because these reunions have become a visible sign to the rest of world that we are friends in every sense of the word and that we stand united against those who would jeopardize our freedom and our relationships.

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