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Yasukuni Shrine of the 35th year living in Tokyo

Kent Gilbert
(California lawer, personality)

I have lived in Tokyo from August in 1980, and it has been over 35 years.
Before then, I had lived in Kyushu, Yamaguchi, and Okinawa 2 years and half in total, so I have lived 60% of my life in Japan.

Well, for a while, I would like you to read my boastful talk. It was 1983 when I appear on the TV quiz show “Sekai-Marugoto-HOWMUCH” of TBS, and began to work as a personality by some freak coincidence. I had already had my wife and children, but I was lionized as if I was an idol.

It happened still in my 3rd year after I had gained the lawyer qualification of California and begun to work at a major international law office.
I got good reward as a lawyer. But I liked better “nothing venture, nothing gain” than “look before you leap” so, I changed to work part-time as a lawyer after I had worked as a personality, and after 2 years, I resigned.

In my 30’s and 40’s, I lectured at lecture meetings and symposiums and visited 47 prefectures 10 years in a row.
When videotaping for P.R. of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Sewerage, I entered in large common duct. And, I have entered in all the U.S. forces’ main base in Misawa, Yokosuka, Yokota, Atsugi, Zama, Iwakuni, Sasebo, Futenma, etc. because There were too many people concerning about forces in the community of Americans residing in Japan.

I have lived in a U.S. forces base. I visited Okinawa as a temporary government official when Intern. Ocean Exposition, Okinawa, Japan, 1975 was held, and I stayed in U.S. air forces Kadena base. I think probably there are no foreign people to visit so many place all over Japan.

It was May 9th 2015 in spring to enter Yasukuni Shrine, have a look around Yushukan, and worship Syoden.
It was for the invited lecture “Okinawa returned to homeland 43rd memorial Yasukuni meeting” in Yahukuni Shrine.
The meeting was from the afternoon, so I had a look around a part of the exhibition of Yushukan with a hurried steps introduced by Seigo Matsumoto, the chief of the Yushukan exhibition section. After that, I visited Shoden with staffs and participants for the first time in my life.
The word “Repentance came too late” come to my mind. I found that I had spent mottainai time.

I often move by car, so I often use Yasukuni Street. The number of time to pass by Yahukuni Shrine for the 35 years can’t be counted. I’m always whelmed to see the big torii from Kudanshita.
However, I have never thought to enter Yasukuni Shrine. It was careless for me, although I have confidence of curiosity.

By the way, I have been to Meiji Jingu many times. I often introduce Meiji Jingu to my relatives and friends who come to Japan.
I want to introduce the places which we can’t find but in Japan all over the world, and they understand them with experience.
Of course, Japan has attractive scenery like Mt. Fuji, Hokkaido, and Okinawa. But, I want to introduce the place where they can feel this oldest history in the world, and feel the tradition and deep culture which Japanese have cultivated uniquely.
So, I have introduced Meiji Jingu and Sensouji Temple to many foreigners. I have also Introduce Kamakura and Nikko to them.

But, I have never thought of Yasukuni Shrine. I have never known about the unique historical museum called Yusyukan which tell us the fair historical fact in perfect English in this heart of Tokyo. It is the very “the darkest place is under the candlestick”. I felt that the exhibition in Yushukan had the potentialities to improve foreigner’s understanding of Japan.
A prejudice and a bias is useless for the life. Fortunately, I’m a civilian, so I can make an excuse the fact which I have never experienced to visit Yasukuni Shrine, “I have never been fated.”

However, I think it is the matter if the Japanese who have social influence like Diet member and journalist etc. have never experienced to visit Yasukuni and Yushukan.
I think it is shameful if there are the Japanese who criticize Yasukuni Shrine as “Head temple of militarism” without making sure in person.
It was great of exhibition in Yushukan to tell historical fact only without Japanophile, political classification of right wing, or left wing from the view point of American as an enemy but as Japanophile.

It was good experience to visit Shoden which I felt simplicity of Shinto. The foreigner who are very curious must be glad.
I don’t intend to admire at all, but it is common sense to treat the people who fought for the homeland and lose their life as “Heroes”.
So, it is very natural behavior which everyone in the world accept to treat the heroes’ soul as “Eirei” and comfort them with appreciation.

It is better for the people who find doubt and sense of discomfort to realize the fact which their thought are warped.
There are many Japanese who have warped thought, but we cannot shift all the responsibility to them.
Because, GHQ (General HeadQuarters) executed the program which warps Japanese thought in the occupying period. This is the fact recorded in the official document declassified.

Brainwashing program named WGIP(War・Guilt・Information・Program) implant in Japanese a sense of guilt of WWⅡ. And they tried to take away their love of their country, love of their family, a sense of justice, and a sense of moral.

Indiscriminate air raid all over Japan including Great Tokyo Air Raid, atomic bombing are intentional civilian murder. So, it is a violation of Law of War and a war crime.
They need to switch the logic to deceive the shameful fact to keep prestige of the Allies.
So, Japan who “invaded” the continent of China and islands in the Pacific Ocean was set up the absolute villain. The Allies made Japanese believe the fiction that the Allies who punish the villain was absolute justice and Japan suffered for their crime.
The people who disapprove Japan before and during the war blindly are the promoters or victims of this brainwashing program.

When living normally in Japan, we become people who believe old Japan is bad, feel sense of guilt for the love of their country, don’t understand the importance of national defense, serviceman, and national flag and anthem, cannot be proud of Japanese and affirm the selfish life.
It depends on the region, but in particular in the region where Japan Teacher’s Union have great influence, unless they have good parents, teachers, and friends, they grow up without the love of their country and the pride.

Yushukan have set of the ideal educational materials to reform them from the situation. I think Japanese should visit there from their childhood again and again when going on field trip or school trip.

WGIP controlled the information for Japanese with thorough censorship. I cannot help believing that Many TV station and newspaper office are complying the GHQ’s censorship standard called “Press Code” now that it has passed 70 years after the war.
I listed the all contents of 30 censorship standard in my latest work “Japanese who are still bounced by the brainwashing of GHQ” (PHP laboratory), so I want you to refer to that, but there are as follow concerning Yasukuni Shrine.

2. Criticism of The International Military Tribunal for the Far East
16. Publicize of advocating of the war
17. Publicize of “Shinkoku-Nippon”
18. Publicize of militarism
19. Publicize of nationalism
20. Publicize of Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere
22. Justification and defense of the war criminal

Are the mass media who cannot report fairly afraid of the contravention of above?
However, GHQ has not exist since long time ago.
If I tell the historical fact cold hearted, the president Franklin D.Roosevelt who wanted to enter the war under the consensus of the American, considered how to make Japan attack first.

A half years before of Attack on Pearl Harbor, America was going on the preparation of the war with Japan and broke all the Japanese radio code. America grasped all that Japanese attack Pearl Harbor first, the detail of combined fleet, and the time of the attack. America didn’t tell the sea force in Pearl Harbor that information.
Japan fell into the trap which Roosevelt set. The word “the attack on Pearl Harbor before a declaration of war is meanness” is a propaganda which stir up the public opinion in America.

On May 3rd 1951, MacArthur General gave evidence that “Japan started the war due to mainly the need concerning security.” in military diplomatic joint committee of upper house of United States Congress.
It meant that Greater East Asia War which Japan had started was not an aggressive war.
The people who doesn’t know the existence of the MacArthur’s evidence are an overwhelming majority.
Although it has passed 70 years after the war, the false accusation of Japan is disappearing gradually in recent year. It is my pleasure if this article help accelerating this flow.

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